As well as having a well established and enforced Code of Conduct, and being a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative, IPPAG has implemented a unique and advanced CSR Corporate Social Responsibility program. In response to increasing demands from major clients and international brands, and in line with IPPAG’s commitment to responsible importing, certified self assessments and social audits have been carried out with IPPAG's Partner suppliers, and IPPAG is also focusing its general sourcing on audited factories. This gives IPPAG the most appropriate and the best of capabilities in terms of insuring high quality and safe sourcing for all products.

IPPAG is not just an association: it's a 'label': that gives each of its members valued and verified recognition within the promotions industry.

IPPAG’s Code of Conduct is acknowledged by all IPPAG Cooperative members and partner suppliers.

The IPPAG Cooperative believes we must not only meet the expectations of our customers and consumers, we must exceed those expectations. To that end, we have adopted standards for the safety, quality and integrity of our products and processes and we are committed to respecting the rights of individuals and the environment. We are dedicated to complying with all applicable (local) laws and to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.

This IPPAG Code of Conduct is an integral part of our company’s day-to-day management process and we maintain all necessary information systems to achieve this objective.

We expect our business partners to develop and implement internal business procedures to ensure compliance with our policy.

United Nations Global Compact Initiative

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan first proposed the Global Compact in an address to the World Economic Forum on 31 January 1999.

He invited business leaders to join this international initiative, that would bring companies together with UN agencies, labour and civil society to advance universal social and environmental principles.

IPPAG is a signatory and member of this initiative. Read more on this initiative on