IPPAG members share the same values: a high sense of responsibility, business understanding, a global perspective and a thirst for innovation. These values are represented in all group and member actions and in all interactions with suppliers, service providers and our clients.

For our members: individual aspirations are easier to achieve when shared with others, and this means that each IPPAG member takes its company to a higher level through IPPAG.

For our globally responsible and globally conscious clients: IPPAG strives to offer an A to Z service deeply rooted in these values.

And for our Partner Suppliers: IPPAG doesn’t just demand and expect. IPPAG helps and cooperates. We strongly believe in working hand in hand with our suppliers, to achieve common goals, focusing on long-term results and strong relationships.

Some of our activities and focuses:

IPPAG Meetings:

IPPAG members meet several times a year to discuss current projects, present best items and case stories and to exchange their market knowledge and know-how with sessions dedicated to managers, but also to sales, marketing, and purchasing.

These meetings are the high points of the IPPAG calendar and are very productive: each member makes a presentation sharing their best case studies, best success stories, most interesting projects, best and new items, supplier recommendations and business tips. The Board presents all current IPPAG projects and information, and leads debates, group discussions and brainstorming. IPPAG also regularly invites a selection of Industry specialists, suppliers, marketing advisers, members, etc... to participate in the network of exchanges.

Daily exchanges:

Members continue to exchange on a daily basis concerning specific projects, product sourcing, or shared clients, using the IPPAG intranet system: a specifically designed communication platform containing IPPAG databases and tools for all business areas (sales, purchasing, graphics, marketing, etc.). This platform concentrates all of IPPAG's invaluable sourcing data, gathered from decades of purchasing experience in all continents. When a member needs a specific product from the best supplier: they can rely on the IPPAG network to find it, with a few clicks.

Members also exchange via dedicated communities, discussion groups, projects teams, and regular webinars are held.

IPPAG centrally publishes regular industry info, collects resources, and acts as a hub of information for its members and initiatives between its members.

Partner Suppliers / Responsible Sourcing Platform / CSR framework:

As well as the numerous suppliers documented in IPPAG’s shared sourcing database, IPPAG has also created a system of ‘Partner Suppliers’ that is unique in the promotions business. There are 50+ plus suppliers in this network, covering all product ranges. All of these suppliers have a long-standing relationship with IPPAG and have been carefully selected to represent the best in terms of reliability, service, prices and quality. The Partner suppliers all work along the guidelines of IPPAG’s Code of Conduct (link), and have all been assessed using our group-side CSR tools and framework.

In addition, IPPAG and its members all collaborate to share information on audited suppliers and factories: giving you access to unique market value and know how.

Industry trendsetting and marketing:

IPPAG members all share the desire to be ahead of the rest: the collaboration between our marketing experts is particularly close: and the group edits yearly trend collections: showcasing the best ideas in the industry and setting the tone for each coming season.