PSI meetings January 2013
22 January 2013

The IPPAG Cooperative members had the pleasure of celebrating the New Year together by gathering in Düsseldorf in the context of the 51st annual PSI fair: the leading international trade show for promotional gifts that kicks starts the year within the industry: www.psi-messe.com

Meeting up two days before the fair: members benefitted from two packed days of meetings: starting with the general managers of all IPPAG Cooperative member companies (see member list on www.ippag.net/members). This was the opportunity to review 2012 achievements and set the tone for an exciting and dynamic 2013: with CSR as the focal project for the group. Members also presented their best case stories from the last few months: which is always a great highlight of IPPAG meetings and a source of valuable inspiration. Time was also well spent on the IPPAG tradition of sharing best practices with a focus on value creation through internal brands.

This was followed by a meeting dedicated to IPPAG's joint venture initiative: IPPAG GLOBAL PROMOTIONS, now in its second year of activity. This branch of IPPAG is dedicated to delivering full service global solutions for promotional products to International clients (www.ippag-global-promotions.com).

IPPAG member company marketing managers were also able to optimise their time at the fair with a dedicated meeting also focusing on the sharing of best practices: notable marketing operations and strategies with a focus on the use of social media and the internal nurturing of creativity. Purchase managers were also assembled to review IPPAG new CSR program for 2013 and to attend a workshop concerning the implementation processes linked to the United Nations Guiding Principles which IPPAG and its members are committing to.

The IPPAG events during the PSI fair are organised in close collaboration with the PSI who facilitated the Cooperative first ever booth at the fair: which served as a meeting point and as a showcase to potential new member companies: a great success. IPPAG is also pleased to be closely collaborating with EPPA: The European Promotional Products Association (www.eppa-org.eu) who are launching a CSR project with the objective of creating an industry specific Code of Conduct and certification program. Our President, Mr Soeren Langhoff, of Langhoff Promotion AS in Denmark, is proud to be part of the initiative's steering committee.

Last but not least, some well deserved celebrations were also on the cards: with IPPAG's official 'beginning of the year' dinner: much enjoyed by all present.

To join the IPPAG Cooperative and experience attending our meetings and events: please contact florence.mosnier@ippag.net