PSI 2016 Dusseldorf
12 February 2016

The annual PSI Fair held in Düsseldorf every January is a gathering point and kick off to the year for our IPPAG members.

It offers an opportunity to meet with fellow members from around the globe, learn about new projects, share research, and find out about new developments in the premiums and gifts sector.

IPPAG's meetings started with a review of 2015’s achievements, which was marked by the celebration of IPPAG’s 50th anniversary as well as the continuation of IPPAG's CSR and Responsible Sourcing Platform programs... 2016 is already looking like a very exciting and promising year, and we were very pleased to welcome our newest member, Wackes AB from Sweden.

Our Partner suppliers were also included in the events: with a friendly and lively dinner hosted by IPPAG: bringing together members and suppliers from around the world.

Everyone had the opportunity to join several open group discussions covering various topics relevant to the industry and our organization. Amongst others: members present to one another their best case stories from the last few months: which is always great source of inspiration and new ideas. Other topics included marketing, shared graphics, and CSR all of which will be major focuses for the group in the coming year.

IPPAG members shared insight and experience makes them unparalleled experts in their field, and the annual IPPAG Meetings offer them a chance to come together to debate today’s industry and the future.