06 October 2016

This year’s annual IPPAG Cooperative Autumn meeting was hosted by our Mexican Member Company 'Eximagen'. As Latin America's largest metropolis, Mexico City offers visitors a unique experience, combining the glitz and glam of a thriving cosmopolitan city with the cultural and historical legacies of Mexico's rich past. 

IPPAG Members from New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Dubai and Argentina all joined us for several days of meetings, visits, events and celebrations.

During the few days of meetings  members had the opportunity to discuss and share ideas via open discussions which gave them inspiration, valuable knowledge and better orientation for the future of their businesses . Some examples of the topics: ‘how to rebrand your company image and stand out of the crowd’, 'the incorporation of CSR and Quality Control in your everyday business and how to maximize the use of IPPAG resources' and much more.  We also had the pleasure of welcoming guests speakers: from Office Beacon in the US, and Genumark from Canada.

Our members also visited EXIMAGENs facilities to getting a better understanding of their business and market, and find out more about the reasons of their success in the past years.

In between meetings, members had the opportunity to take a bike tour through the oldest urban park of Mexico City and  see the places where history meets with the modern city, museums areas and parks, go through some of the traditional and commercial neighbourhoods . Members also had the opportunity to take a trip  30 miles northeast of Mexico City  to visit the ancient city ruins of Teotihuacán.

The IPPAG official dinner was held on Friday 30th of September with traditional Mexican food and surrounded by mariachis. 

IPPAG's traditional 'best case story' awards were awarded to Lesmar (UK) for the most original idea, WACKES(Sweden) for the best marketing campaign and finally to Compacon (Netherlands) for the most innovative promotional solution.

Next year’s Autumn meeting will be hosted by our U.K member Lesmar