IPPAG's managers meeting
27 October 2009

Each year, IPPAG's managers meeting is hosted by one of the group's members.
This year: Prime Resources (www.primeline.com), led by IPPAG committee member Jeff Lederer in the US, played this part brilliantly: welcoming the members to their Connecticut headquarters.
Activities and meeting agendas were focused on two main areas:
- IPPAG projects, such as the group’s new web and Intranet tools, CSR and auditing, preferred suppliers, shared marketing, strategies for 2010, etc.
- Insight into the American market: through Prime's wholesaler activities, visits to some of their best distributors such as Barker Specialty and EPromos, as well as interventions from market specialists such as ASI, the Promotions trade organisation in the US.

As always, IPPAG's committee, presided by Mr Soeren Langhoff of Langhoff Promotion A/S, strived to use these meeting opportunities to not only prompt in depth and dynamic discussions about various market topics: getting each members point of view and experienced input, but to also take these discussions to a higher level: transforming ideas into actions.
So you can expect to see some great new developments in IPPAG in 2010: in line with the committee’s guiding principles of Values - Competences - Services – Output, which serve as a basis for all of the groups actions:
IPPAG will continue to build up its position as a hub of ideas and inspiration for the best promotional items distributors. And all actions are geared towards affirming IPPAG’s status as a unique and advanced institutional reference and label on the market for responsible practices and sourcing, combined with marketing and strategic excellence