IPPAG rewards its members most innovative and successful promotional campaigns!
28 January 2010

During IPPAG's recent general meeting in Düsseldorf before the PSI fair, a much awaited meeting session was dedicated to individual presentations of the members best recent campaigns, best case stories and best new and innovative promotional ideas.
Competition was fierce as usual with each member showing the best of what they have marketed in their respective countries during the second half of 2009.

The exchanges created by this session go beyond the ideas themselves: the selection of campaigns also provides an invaluable wealth of knowledge about recommended supply sources, sales pitches, and marketing techniques.

The 'best campaign' presentations also perfectly illustrate IPPAG's philosophy: "Bring 1 fantastic idea and get 20+ ideas back..."
With each member presenting a wide selection of their best campaigns: do the maths...!

Awards were attributed to the following member companies for their outstanding contributions:

Award for "Best Campaign"

-Bronze award attributed to Lesmar, UK (www.lesmar.com): for their pharmaceutical 'mouse buddy' operation: utilizing the       integratedinternet 'hotkey' tool doctors directly to the clients website.
-Silver award attributed to Kick&Rush, Belgium (www.kickrush.com): for their Eurostar 'Union Jack' recycled collection with PET bags and umbrellas.
-Gold award attributed to IMI, Czech Republic (www.imi.cz): for a hugely successful campaign of 700 000 on pack kids 'voice changing loudspeakers' sold with Walmart's childrens multivitamins.

Award for "Best New Idea"

-Bronze award attributed to Kick&Rush, Belgium (www.kickrush.com): for their innovative and fun drink cup clip holder
-Silver award attributed to Mcs, Germany (www.mcs-promotion.de): for their specially designed 'diabetes' pouch containing a blood sugar measuring device and an insulin injection kit
-Gold award attributed to Cipi, Italy (www.cipi.it): for a fun and festive campaign for Corona: combining a selection of party items in an inflatable igloo!

Award for "Best Case Story"

-Bronze award attributed to MCS, Germany (www.mcs-promotion.de): for their 'Prima Kilma' climate first actions: dedicating 1% of clients turnover to carbon emission compensation
-Silver award attributed to Versopub, Mauritius (www.versopub.com): for their collection of eco friendly Christmas gifts wrapped in reused newspaper
-Gold award attributed to Zinc, Australia (www.zinc.au): for a specially created dove shaped bottle opener, directly related to a humorous beer ad campaign: a unique and highly sought after promotional ad prop.


CIPI's Corona Party Sets


Kick & Rush' Eurostar Bags


Kick & Rush' Cup Holder


Lesmar's Mouse Buddy


MCS' Diabetes Bag


MCS' Prima Klima Action


Zinc's Dove Bottle Opener


Versopub's Eco Collection


Awarding CIPI


Awarding IMI


First award of Kick & Rush


Second award of Kick & Rush


Awarding Zinc

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