IPPAG hosts a products safety training day for purchase managers
30 March 2010

IPPAG members are all highly concerned with delivering safe and responsibly purchased promotional items.  These products bear your brand name, and as the importer, IPPAG companies bear the responsibility of ensuring these products are up to standard, produced in appropriate conditions, and can be put on the market without risk.  Members have been exchanging experiences and know-how on these issues for many years, and IPPAG works to help them continuously gain expertise.

But to take things a step further, thanks to an initiative by IPPAG committee member Mr Thibaut Fontaine, CEO of our Belgium member company Kick&Rush, a training seminar was organised in Brussels with our laboratory testing and advisory partner INTERTEK.


The days seminar bought together the purchase managers from IPPAG's German, Swiss, Finnish, Italian, British and Belgian members.

In all IPPAG countries, purchase managers are confronted with product safety issues on a daily basis: how is a product classified, what components need to be tested, what materials are preferable, what characteristics should be avoided, etc...? Their job is to bring you a final product that is in line with all current standards and has been produced with the best possible methods and materials.

The very wide variety of products encountered in the promotional items sector calls for a increasingly high level of expertise in multiple product categories, as well as a technical understanding of all related safety directives. The discussions and workshop concentrated on two key areas:
- the EN71 standard for toys
- the general products safety directives for consumer items, including REACH

As always, IPPAG's intention was not only for the day to be helpful and informative. What matters most is the concrete output:
Purchase managers were given a face to face opportunity to discuss their methods and learn from each other, and will continue to do so with dedicated forum sessions, monthly exchanges on key issues and further training.

As one of the cornerstones of its global strategy, IPPAG is committed to working with the highest standards and practices concerning product safety: this training day is a perfect illustration of the efforts that are put in, and the results that are gained.