20 January 2012

With its headquarters based in Switzerland and a global network of offices Worldwide, IPPAG Global Promotions has been launched to fill a gap in the market for a truly global solution. 

With a combined annual turnover of 200 million and over 1500 employees around the World, IPPAG Global Promotions can offer its customers a professional one-stop solution saving both time and costs through consolidated purchasing, sourcing, and logistics without losing the local knowledge and support.  Offering their customers integrated technology platforms, not only offers them the latest technology but, ensures brand control and management of spend.  They also adhere to stringent corporate social responsibility coupled with a strong eco-responsible approach.

If you find yourself asking the question ‘Why go Global?’, Mike Oxley, CEO, IPPAG Global Promotions explains that this enables companies to integrate the demands of diverse markets, sectors, divisions
and brands while controlling branding, supply chain, costs and creating savings.  Another question that needs answering is ‘What impact will a Global solution have locally?’  Soeren Langhoff, President, explains that IPPAG Global Promotions offers the ‘best of both worlds’.  For the local solution they offer fully dedicated, nationally market leading partner offices with expert knowledge of the local markets coupled with local compliance, invoicing and language.

For further information contact:

Mike Oxley, CEO

Email:    info@ippag.com

Tel:         +44 (0) 1727 732638

Web:     www.ippag.com