IPPAG companies are strong and reliable purchasing partners for you

The  partners of the IPPAG group are strong, and reliable partners for you, offering access to a huge international market. If you meet our criteria of providing very good quality merchandise, at reasonable prices, and can provide superior service, with on time deliveries, you may apply for 'Preferred  Partners' status, and become part of an elite group. Selling to one IPPAG  partners opens up the doors to selling to all.
Preferred Supplier Programme: IPPAG 'Partner' suppliers
'As well as the numerous suppliers documented in IPPAG’s shared sourcing database, IPPAG has created a system of Preferred Premium Partners or 'Partner' suppliers that is unique in the promotions business.
There are 30+ plus suppliers in this network, covering all product ranges. All of these suppliers have a long standing partnership with IPPAG and have been carefully selected to represent the best in terms of reliability, service, prices and quality. 
As the partners pool their purchases towards this group of suppliers, IPPAG holds an influential position with them, allowing partners to collaborate with these suppliers, with optimised efficiency and trustworthiness on all orders, from small one offs to large scale operations. 
All of these suppliers have signed and work along the guidelines of IPPAG’s Code of Conduct. 
If you are a pro-active, and innovative company, with new ideas that you would like to discuss with us; or if you want to receive further information about the IPPAG Preferred Partner Programme, please contact: florence.mosnier@ippag.net.